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Day 1 of GSHP Work
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The ground source heat pump (GSHP) guys are here laying out the piping and putting it under pressure to test it before installation tomorrow. In the morning they'll be bringing in their big digging machine to scoop out the trenches and clear earth around the house, where the piping will come in through the basement wall.

Because we have plenty of space out in the field, they're going to be installing the piping with maximum efficiency gain - they have all the surface area needed. In more cramped locations the piping has to be laid closer together and it's less efficient with respect to heat exchange.

The people buying our house really are moving fast: they had the inspection done yesterday. We're awaiting the results of that as well as any proposed adjustments to sale price as a result.

Been meaning to mention this for a week or two now: Kelley's quite the enthusiastic dinner table clearer. She enjoys carrying the dishes from table to dishwasher and then putting the plates and bowls and silverware in their proper places, then retrieving a soap capsule from under th sink and putting it into the dishwasher door compartment and locking it in. If only this phase would last for another 15 years, we'd be all set.

But there are casualties: so far two of our large ceramic bowls have bit the the dust. Kelley doesn't like that part but we talk her through it being just an accident and she recovers quickly. Now, if only she had dropped the one that already had a good chip out of the side we'd have less of a loss. Maybe she'll get that one next.

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