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"How Romantic Are We?"
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For our 17th wedding anniversary I got Shelley a new garage door opener, which she installed today, and she gifted me a wicked reciprocating saw, which has just been ordered.

Or maybe it was the other way around... I got the opener and she got the saw. (Sounds like a country-western song title, no?)

"How Romantic Are We?" - Shelley.

Anyhow, we now have a convenient way to shelter the car. The former owners left the place with a non-working opener and we didn't force the issue, so that we could get a model that we liked (rather than insisting on they install a working one before leaving and we end up with something cheap made out of used toy train parts or something).

Since all we had to do was replace the machine (i.e., did not have install the whole mount from scratch) it took only a few hours. This system includes a remote keyless entry as well as a key fob remote, which I will carry when cycling. So yes, I have a garage door opener remote on my bike now.

We've been doing one project each weekend for a while now. Last weekend it was the installation of two motion/heat sensor lights out front and two wireless doorbells to match. Before that it was the bookshelves.

Next weekend: cutting out the three large heating oil tanks in the basement. That's what the saw's for. We tried wrenches on them today but none of the pipes budged even a tiny amount. So... NEW POWER TOOL! Reciprocating saws excel at demolition and this one should suffice to cut the pipes in several places, facilitating removal of the tanks before the rest of the ground source heat pump installation happens.

What project after that? To be determined.

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