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My Cat Eats Grasshoppers
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Yesterday afternoon we watched Nimitz stalk and pounce on one of those big brown flying grasshoppers. It was hard enough to believe he accomplished this feat, given his size and general battleship lifestyle, but manage it he did.

And then he ate it. Crunch, crunch, gulp, and swallow. All gone grasshopper. At least we know he's getting his protein.

And speaking of cats, I may have mentioned this site long ago (or maybe not) but it's one I check daily, often more so these days, and highly recommend it for a daily laugh or two: I can has cheezburger?

It may take a little while to get used to the deliberate misspellings and language culture of this site, but once you do and you've spent some time going through the images you'll find why the place is also known as LOLcats (laugh-out-loud cats). If you're not sure what the caption says, try reading it aloud - that will help with the pronunciation.


ur = your

oh hai = oh, hi

nom = the noise made when eating something

kitteh = kitty / cat / kitten

akshully = actually

Oh, and for the dog lover, check out Fail Dogs. It has a similar approach (captioned pet photos), but all the images' captions are "FAIL," which loses appeal after a while, unlike LOLcats where they vary.

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