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Baby's First Third Birthday
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Happy Birthday to Kelley!

We're planning to have a very small party for her tonight. She received a couple packages in the mail, and she's looking forward to opening them. She received a card a couple of days ago that she's been keeping in her stroller with her friends the last few days as well. She's into this whole birthday thing!

Personally, I'm very, very much looking forward to hearing Barack Obama's speech tonight. On the third anniversary of Katrina and the 45th of MLK's "Dream" speech, it will be most interesting not only to hear what he has to say, but also to hear and see the crowd in the stadium.

What really bothers me is that when Shelley and I awoke to the radio this morning, she said it would really suck if he was assassinated. And I agreed.

What REALLY sucks is that that's the first thing that comes to mind about Mr. Obama for us. Why do we have to be so cynical as to make that our first worry of the morning?

Because he's such a ray of light that could so easily be snuffed?

Because the alternative to him is so dreary?

Because the past eight years of secretive, hypocritical, fear-mongering "leadership" have proven they can get away with a great deal and would have every reason to make this just another part of their plan?

Because there are many intolerant people in this country, and it takes only one to get lucky and pull it off?

Anyway, once our house sale closes I plan to make my first political donation to Mr. Obama's campaign.

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