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McCain and Palin
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Wow, McCain has really made a zinger of a VP choice: Ms. Palin, gov. of Alaska.

What a smart move to try to capture the female voters who are still upset with Hillary's loss to Obama.

OTOH, what a hypocrite: picking someone even less experienced and younger than Obama. Given McCain's age of 72, I'd certainly criticize the choice in that respect because she very well might have to take over for him.

Not that I say she cannot do the job: just that if the Republicans are going to attack Obama on those characteristics, I find it deplorable for them to go ahead with selecting her when she's even "worse" in those respects.

Obama's speech last night seemed to go well but for me didn't take my breath away as I had hoped it would. To be fair, I'll listen to what McCain has to say in his nomination address next week. Not that I'm at all expecting it will sway me in any manner, but I'll at least give it a chance.

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