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Passing Gas
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Our new power tool arrived yesterday! Time to cut out the oil tanks and remove them from the basement!

But first, drain the tanks...

And keep draining them...

And panic when the flow does not stop; go to town and buy buckets...

And still the heating oil flows out, and more and more...

Yikes. Finally turn it off.

Call neighbors and invite them to come and get it. They drive their tractor over and we give them some 25 gallons into its tank and their truck.

They leave two empty 5-gallon containers. We then fill those, as well as an additional 5-gallon bucket.

No end to the draining in sight, the stuff's flowing out as fast as ever.

All the tank gauges read empty, but obviously there's a hefty reserve on each of the three 275-gallon tanks.

We need to find more people who want free gas. Turns out that home heating oil = diesel, so maybe we'll go ask other neighbors.

Beautiful stuff in the sunlight, I had no idea home heating oil was so liquidy.

Our three tanks: how much do they have left?

Kelley takes a call from Aunt Brenda during her birthday dinner.

Kelley parks a car aboard her ferry, which is part of a new Hot Wheels car play diorama from Nana.

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