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Hey, did you hear about that new super-duper, really-big-physics, large hadron collider that went online a couple days ago? You know, the one that "probably won't" create a black hole that sucks the earth in?

Well, check out their LHC Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment Webcams for both inside and outside views. Interesting stuff if you watch for a couple of minutes.

Also, I just had to bring attention to the New York Times' use of immersive panoramic photography at Barack Obama’s Speech at Invesco Field in Denver a couple of weeks ago. (Be sure to click the Full Screen button for best results.)

It's splendid to see mainstream media using this technology.

Sheesh, it looks like that would be Excitement Bowl! Take a look McCain, you're going down the drain!

Shelley and Celia are home now and sleeping. All is well.

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