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Yesterday we spent all day in the hospital keeping Shelley and Celia company. Kelley got to meet her new sister, of course, and seems to have taken to her. On the drive home today Kelley sang to Celia, tried to show her toys, invited her to the playroom, and otherwise took up her new role very well.

Did I mention this one has hair?

Kelley finally meets her sister.

Still interested more than six hours later. This bodes well.

Back to work for me tomorrow. Paternity leave has to wait until after Feb. 11, 2009, my first anniversary at work. Depending on how things go with Shelley and the kids (!) I may take up to a couple more days off late next week.

Our contractors brought in the ground source heat pump unit today and took away the old oil-burning furnace. While moving it out of the basement a crispified black bird fell out of stove. It looks like a starling to me, but it might have been a crow. They also installed most of the piping.

Tomorrow they plan to finish that, then hook the unit up to the ducts. I believe they also plan to fill up the long pipes with the fluid and turn it on and test it. If not, they'll be back on Saturday to complete the project.

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