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A group of guys from our local gaming club decided to head over to Schenectady for a couple days of Start Fleet Battles at a gaming con there and I decided to join them. The con's not far from Shelley's mom's house so the girls stayed there whilst I rolled dice and moved cardboard chits around on a map of hexagons.

Fun, indeed. Win any matches? Not so much. Ah well, it's my first con and SFB since playing at the same place when we visited while out here showing off Kelley three years ago. Next year Shelley and I will both attend and grandma gets to babysit.

Aside from two losing matches of SFB (the ISC ship is not for me apparently), I played two quick games of Puerto Rico, and then one of World of Warcraft: The Boardgame. Let me just say that I hope never to have to endure that one again. WoW the computer game is wonderful. The boardgame, not so much.

The drive across the state and back allowed us to take in what's likely the peak autumn colors. Finer days could not be possible and the bright sun on the yellows, reds, and oranges set the trees virtually ablaze. Splendiferous!

(Speaking of fires, the currently raging ones near LA are fairly close to our old house - no immediately danger there at the moment, but it's quite the relief to not have that threat causing us more stress.)

Part of the hillside in view of our house.

Our house and yellow tree.

One of our sheds and nearby trees.

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