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On Friday afternoon it became apparent that our copies of Wrath of the Lich King were not going to arrive in time for the weekend so I stopped on the way home and bought copies to play immediately. Nothing like a little instant gratification!

We installed upon arriving at home and, as soon as the kids settled down for the night, entered a whole new phase of wonderful gaming that will likely sustain us for several months or more. The new expansion adds a continent and much new stuff to see and do. It's more gorgeous than ever.

Saturday brought heavy fog throughout the day as well as moderate rain for much of the time. We didn't hear any deer hunters' guns until 2pm; not a surprise given the minimal visibility, the downpours, and the lack of snow making for harder tracking. The deer hunkered down like us, although they did not enjoy the nearby wood-stove like we did. We heard only one more gunshot the whole day.

We played more WoW during naptime on Saturday as well the whole evening, and again on naptime on Sunday. We're not even through one of the many new zones yet. Not many more hunters around that day either, but perhaps some of the shooting sounds were deflected by the wind: Jenny put out 30kw or so for that day - lots of wind and a little snow on it.

Today a beautiful light snow settled in to stay. Kelley insisted on going out and tramping around in it before heading out for the day. Mommy bought her a rather colorful plastic toboggan for our hill and we hope to use it on the weekend. On the drive home tonight we had the perfect high-speed starfield visuals through the windshield as our lights reflected off of millions of large snowflakes.

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