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-- Lon Prater
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We were supposed to have a terrible storm this weekend. It was supposed to be so bad and was so advertised my brother (a Wal-Mart employee) informed me our local 24-hour Wal-Mart closed early because they couldn't satisfy the panicked demand for food, snow shovels, etc. People were going through the grocery line with two carts piled high with stuff. Now, I heard of the storm and prepared a bit early, and I'm always prepared anyway. Having grown up in Idaho I knew the storm could come or not and it was better to be ready but not panic.

In terms of the storm, we had it, but not as expected.

We were supposed to have a great deal of snow fall and incredible winds. Friday night and Saturday morning we had the wild winds. And then everything calmed down for a while. Mid to late morning Saturday the snow fell. We got a lot of snow, but it wasn't the big deal it was supposed to be or had been in the past. Yesterday, we had some light snow and a very warm sun. That's right -- snow melting and falling off trees.

I still chilled a bit this weekend. Not as much as I would have liked, but I still did. I read a bit, thought a bit, watched the snow a bit.

I still could use a really good snow weekend. I'm a bit bummed :).

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