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just a normal every day...

Went to the OB today. I spent some time thinking and planning some writing projects for over the next year during my hour wait. The place was filled. Evidently, they had several people "just show up", expecting to be looked at for one reason or another, so the receptionist put them in, which left the nurse practitioner shaking her head. I'm okay with the hour -- lots of time to think without any distractions really.

All's well with baby and me at this point. Next month is the glucose test. Yay! Another hour wait :).

While Avadore napped I biked and read Dan Simmons' The Song of Kali. I'm adore Simmons (particularly The Hollow Man and the Hyperion books); however, this book hasn't really grabbed me the way his others have. Perhaps it's because I've been reading it exclusively while biking, which has distracted me, or maybe it's just because it's an early work. Somehow, for me, it just doesn't have the same emotional punch his other books have had.

After my workout, I showered and took a nap myself. I woke to Avadore screaming. I found him and the dog in the hall looming over the cat, who was lying completely still, curled into a blanket. I got the dog out, called for Rice and tried to get into the other room. I thought for sure the cat was dead. No, he was trying to nap, too. My heart was pounding and I was still only half awake :).

For dinner Winter made one of his monster salads, which was fabulous. He threw in all sorts of veggies and some ham, and topped it off with a good vinegar and oil dressing.

Tonight, while the wind blew and snow fell outside, Avadore and I put our pajamas on right after dinner and spent time with books, his new car (a huge plastic car that he can crawl around in), and talking some more about colors. He's picking out yellow, blue and red, which is very cool.

It's fascinating to me how individual children are. For example, Avadore, until recently, had been delayed in his speech, but quite advanced in terms of problem solving skills, mechanical skills, and gross and fine motor skills. In the last few months his language has exploded. We just let him go at his own pace, not pushing him, but working with him when there's interest.

And now it's time to maybe write a little, read a little, relax a little and go to sleep. We'll see what interests me when I get upstairs.

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