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time to make the donuts

It's been a while since I've gotten up before 6 am, especially of my own accord. Ever since I started this new day job as a domestic goddess, if I can sleep in, I do! I always hated up getting up in the morning when it was dark and cold outside. Or maybe it wasn't necessarily the dark and cold I hated, but where I was headed to that I didn't like so much. Usually it was a bus and I was off to class. When I worked, I most certainly did not get up at 6.

This morning, though it's dark, cold and foggy outside, I get to stay in my pajamas, drink tea, eat a lovely raspberry cream cheese croissant (the likes of which I haven't seen for over a decade), and work on a short story.

I mean, is this the life or what?

We didn't make it to our friends' house last night for their Candlemas experience. I had crepe batter in the fridge ready to take for Rice when Avadore woke up from his nap ... sick. Fussy, unable to cope, crying at anything, stuffy nose and glands like walnuts. Our friends have four kids, all of which get exposed to a lot more than Avadore does. Besides the fact that he was having trouble coping anyway, I couldn't imagine taking him to a strange house with a bunch of wild kids (good, but wild -- but hey! they're kids), which he has a hard time with anyway once there's more than two. Also, he doesn't need to catch anything else.

So for dinner I pulled out the crepe batter and made chicken curry crepes, which were very, very good. I hung out with Avadore while Rice worked. Poor kid did not feel good at all. Once he went to bed, I read the first part of Jonathan Carroll's Kissing the Beehive. I love this man. I stayed up about an hour later than I'd planned, but I had a great time immersing myself in the book.

And then it's not quite 6, and my body said it was time to get up. At least for a while. This week starts month 7 of the pregnancy, which means this is the last trimester and trouble sleeping. At least I have writing to do during the sleepless times. When I was pregnant with Avadore, I wasn't writing (again) yet -- I was just waiting for him to be born. It's good to have something to do. Of course, I'll crash about 10 am just when Avadore's really getting revved up...

Now to do some short story editing.

And then if everyone (read the child) is amiable, it's back to bed.


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