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tax time

This morning Rice and I finished the final research needed so he could go visit the accountant this morning and get the taxes taken care of.

I love our accountant. The man is fabulous. He's uncovered all sorts of deductions we were never aware of, and has been invaluable, particularly since Rice started this self-employment gig. He's also nice to chat with. AND he was one of the only people I've met who didn't look surprised at the name "Avraham" -- he grew up with a bunch of them in Chicago.

Today is grocery shopping. Yay. Not much to say about that.

Tomorrow Avadore and I are going to go play with the wife and son of a guy that Rice has known since high school. It's funny how some relationships continue. She's pregnant, too -- she's due to have a girl the first half of June. Her son is about 3 1/2 months older than Avadore. It'll be nice to have kids so close together. Well, that is unless they hate each other.

Yesterday was a good writing day, as well as other things, as I mentioned in a previous entry. I typed up what I have so far of my current short story. So far, it's just a bit over 1,000 words, which is a very good thing. I'm trying to work on losing my hypergraphic (is that even right?) tendencies and being more concise, though still complete, in my writing. As I've aged, writing more has been the desired result (e.g. grad school), and the developed tendency (which was already naturally present) has invaded my short fiction.

Maybe I should work on some flash fiction, just for practice...

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