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even dinosaurs are afraid of their daddies

A few things:

1) Last night, while Avi and I were singing songs, my voice kept going out on me. I thought it was because I was lying down and had no breath support.

2) I woke up at 4:30 a.m. I had a terrible pain in my side and had been dreaming about traveling through time, having the correct beaurocratic forms to do so, and how to effectively narrate it in writing. (Almost as bad and identifying hominine skulls in my sleep.)

3) After I got rid of the pain in my side, I realized I had a sore throat and no voice.

4) Dream about Neil Gaiman, elves, movies and other such oddities...

5) This morning: sore throat, very little voice, feel a little bit crummy, but not too bad. Popped a Sucrets. Am eyeing lemon tea and honey.

6) Am realizing how much I rely on my voice to work with Avadore. He ignores well. He does when I have my voice anyway, but this is much worse.

7) Avadore's trying to kill the dog. I'm trying to get him to quit. His dad comes in and takes over for me. (Yay Dad.) Avadore starts growling at his dad and pretending to be a dinosaur. Rice picks Avadore up to eye level and says, "Even dinosaurs are afraid of their daddies." We all started laughing. Well, as much as I can laugh. Then Rice and Avadore and I had a "discussion" about listning to Mommy, especially when she can't talk.

8) Then it's 9 a.m. Rice calls friend and asks if Avadore and I can come and play another day. Bummer there.

9) Hope this doesn't kill the weekend. We had plans for the weekend. Though I suppose, I could always crash and recouperate at home while Rice and Avadore head off north to visit family and have a good time. That wouldn't be so bad.

10) Last night, I also kept dreaming about trying to finish the short story I'm working on and having several people come by with other things for me to do, e.g. socialize. This was very true to life. Because Rice and I are home all the time, a lot of our friends assume we have a lot of free time and don't necessarily have a lot to get done. I don't know what they're smoking, but I'd like some; I'd like to believe I don't have a lot to do. Anyway, I evidently need to get some writing done.

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