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weekend excitement

I'm feeling much better today, thanks for asking. My voice is pretty much back and the blasted sore throat/cold seems to be leaving the body.

Our local paper ran an article yesterday concerning the area's lack of diagnosed flu cases (four since October) and the plethora of upper respiratory illnesses (insane amounts this season). Evidently, it's common for a person to get over one upper respiratory virus/cold/whatever and then have another one latch on right away. This means my family is just like everyone else this year. And we don't even get out and swap germs with other people that much.

I'm so proud of Rice. He finished a web page for a client this week and she was overjoyed. I mean thrilled. She's crazy about it. He also turned in an alpha of a project he's been working on. The woman was insanely happy about it. He dropped a copy off at her house and went to run some errands. She called here, but he wasn't home yet. She told me it worked, but she wanted him to call her back when he got home. This raised some red lights in his head; he figured she had some concerns. No, she just wanted to gush about how pleased she is; and it's the alpha, for crying out loud.

Must get lots of writing done today. I had some revelations while resting yesterday concerning the short story I'm working on. They'll help the story move along quite a bit, I believe. Other than think, I got no real writing done yesterday.

I did, however, read one of Kathe Koja's YA books, The Blue Mirror. It's an interesting book, a good one for me to study a bit. When reading Koja, one can certainly see her influence on Caitlin Kiernan, whom I read first.

This afternoon we're headed up north to see family. Some of Rice's cousins just had an adoption finalized, so we're celebrating that, staying the night with his parents, and then spending time with Rice's grandma who just moved into a deluxe assisted living facility. They have cookies at three, on Fridays there's wine and cheese, tai-chi, a masseuse... When are we moving in again? Very cool.

Time to make my pen do the scribbling.

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