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making good art

I've cited this before, but Neil Gaiman's advice for when everything goes to hell is to make good art.

I feel slightly hung over. (Mostly due to lack of sleep due to crazy toddler.) Didn't get a lot of sleep. (See previous statement.) Have personal worries. Worried about my friend who was committed yesterday.

Sort of like the Disneyland commercial:

"Your husband has left you for your 76 year old neighbor. You've gained 15 pounds. Your children hate you. You've just been committed. You owe $20,000 in back taxes. What are you going to do next?!"

That's right: Make good art.

So. I am going to make some raspberry cream cheese muffins. (Cooking is art, right? Well, at least in my world...). I'm going to curl up and eat a muffin, drink some tea, and make some good art. Technically I have a few other things I need to do today, but I think Gaiman's advice is wise in many, many ways and will probably help me get out of this funk in preparation for visiting my committed friend this evening.

Time to make the muffins and not wonder why it seems like a year can't go by without one of Rice's and my close friends ending up at the Behavioral Health Center.

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