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oh this sucks

So we have a family member who was recently admitted to one of those places where you stay for 28 days to help you overcome your alcohol/drug abuse, except that she's not abusing her drugs. She has some prescriptions that are essential for her day-to-day functioning that impaired her a bit at work, so her job required her to go "get clean". Hopefully the program can help her find a solution. She doesn't want to be on the prescriptions and would rather be rid of them anyway. So that's moderately stressful.

And I just got a call from the estranged husband of a friend of mine to let me know she was admitted to behavioral health today. It's probably a good thing. A few months ago I was trying to encourage her to get counseling. I've been concerned about her the last couple of times I saw her and was going to have a good chat with her (timing is everything here, and it's not good to get into these things on one's lunch break), but it looks like she ended up where she needed to be regardless.

Thankfully she ended up there under fairly favorable circumstances in that she wasn't trying to hurt herself or anyone else. The last few times our friends have ended up there it was because they were trying to kill themselves.

So hopefully both of these people can get help, get taken care of, so that their lives are better. But in the meantime, it really stresses a girl out. Jeez -- imagine how they feel...

Is it time for bed yet?

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