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beware the ides of march

That's right, kiddies. It's that time of year again where we commemorate Julius Caesar's brutal murder.

What fun!

It's been a busy day what with bread baking and dish doing and breakfast making and kid herding, etc. And it's not done yet. Lots of more to do before I can settle down and get some studying and writing done. I thought I'd take a moment and rest. The kid is getting really heavy and it's hard to do all I once did. I'm sore already and I've only been up about four and a half hours. Even though we're not quite at 34 weeks, the kid's measuring at almost 37. Maybe I should start having girls? But then, who's to say they'd be any smaller?

Though I technically should be thinking about one novel I need to rewrite (the one written in November of 2003), I've been thinking about the one written in November of 2004. I can't help it. While doing dishes last night and making dinner, I kept mulling it over and over in my mind. First, I have a short story or two to finish, and then we can work on the novel.

The rewrite could be pretty slow going; April 27th will bring a completely dependent infant and a really big gash in my lower abdomen, neither of which are terribly conducive to being productive, and both of which are bringing some fears and concerns and apprehensions. But I've done this before and can do it again. Except there's a three-year-old this time and no J-Spot...

Ooohhh! A circular entry. We began with Julius Caesar and ended with a c-section!

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