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bon bons

When I was a kid, my grandmother (who lived in Boise, Idaho) used to bring home ice cream bon bons from Albertson's. They were the size and shape of the chocolate covered cherries that seem particularly popular around Christmas time and were balls of ice cream dipped in chocolate. They were delicious. I haven't seen them for probably fifteen or twenty years.

Been thinking about them a lot, lately. It's defeinitely a pregnancy thing.

The pregnancy before Avadore was the one where I pretty much lived on things like ice cream and smoothies for the twelve weeks while I was pregnant. Just to insure I was eating somewhat healthily, I'd make fruit smoothies from fruit, tofu, milk, ice cubes, fozen yogurt, etc. There was very little else I could keep down. It's been better with Avadore and this kid, thankfully.

I've been feeling like I could live on ice cream for the past few days, however. Just one of those goofy cravings, I suppose. But it caused me to think about the bon bons of my youth.

So I thought I'd look them up on-line and see what I could find. I discovered lots of candy of all sorts, recipes (for candy and the ice cream), and this. (Don't miss the description, etc.)

Not that I watch TV, so I could be off here, but does this sound semi-familiar to anyone else?

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