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between the sheets and in my pants

Growing up in Utah required my grandmother and her many, many siblings to make their own fun. She's always got a suggestion for a good game. One of the things they used to do to entertain themselves was sing, "Between the sheets" after each line of a hymn. For example, you'd have:

"Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war Between the sheets."

A variation has popped up here. Tim writes:

1. Open up your media player or winamp or ipod or whatever, set it to shuffle.

2. Skip through the first 25 songs and list them.

3. Add "in my pants" to the end of each song title.

4. Bold your favorites.

1) Angel in my pants

2) So Happy Together in my pants

3) Binky the Doormat in my pants

4) What if I Loved You in my pants

5) Purple Stain in my pants

6) What'll I Do in my pants

7) Imagine in my pants

8) The Holy Hand Grenade in my pants

9) Marche Funebre in my pants (DOH!)

10) When it's Cold I'd Like to Die in my pants

11) The Lovers that Never Were in my pants

12) Sin of Sins in my pants

13) Jumper in my pants

14) Cold Turkey in my pants

15) Used to Be a Sweet Boy in my pants

16) Under Pressure in my pants

17) Carry that Weight in my pants

18) Tell Me What You See in my pants

19) World Where You Live in my pants

20) No One Will Ever Love You in my pants

21) Drunk Scully in my pants (!)

22) Love is All Around in my pants

23) Perfect Day in my pants

24) I'm on Fire in my pants

25) All I Want is You in my pants

Well, now. That was entertaining. There's certainly some gems there.

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