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it has begun

The countdown has begun.

Baby #2 will arrive in two weeks.

(Insert Mortal Kombat theme music from movie here.)

I just put two Italian sausage, roasted red pepper and rissole potato casseroles in the freezer.

Over the next week and a half, I will be adding at least one meal to the freezer, as well as some cakes, breads, etc. almost every day. (I'll just make double or triple batches of whatever I make for dinner.) This way, my husband, or I, will only have to pull out a lovely foil-wrapped package, let it thaw, and then reheat it in the oven and dinner will be ready. For some meals, there may be a little extra work, e.g. cooking instant Spanish rice (*shudder*), for example, or heating some frozen vegetables. I even bought pre-made frosting so my husband (or I) can pull out a cake, let it thaw, and then frost it.

It's rare that we have much of pre-made anything around here. Pretty much everything, e.g. things like Spanish rice and frosting tend to be made from scratch, vegetables tend to be fresh, etc.

What this means is not only are all our meals planned and mostly shopped for for the next week and a half, but we'll mostly be covered for at least three weeks after the kid is born. There's the week we're staying with the in-laws and then we'll have 14 main dinner dishes waiting for us whenever we need them.

I am so domestic. :P

Such things like this could become a habit, I'm afraid...

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