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So today or tomorrow, Avadore and I are getting pizza. And we're going to love it; this will probably be the last real pizza for at least a year.

Obviously, the contractions wound down yesterday. I made sure I wasn't dehydrated (been really watching my water intake lately, just to make sure -- before the contractions started I'd had about 54 oz. of water plus other stuff like milk) and drank some more water and walked around a bit. They insisted on going on for-bloody-ever. Stuff like that wears a girl out. Crummy way to spend a lovely Sunday late afternoon and evening.

I have decided this child is a tease. These sorts of character traits are good to know before one's child is born. It's not like they come with a lovely little dossier or anyting, not one of those forms teenybopper magazines and porn magazines have that include information like:

"Fave color: baby blue; Fave drink: warm milk; Hates: old, chunky formula, pureed peas; Loves: to be cuddled and wrapped up like a little burrito; Predisopositions: diabetes, heart disease and ear infections. Will take to things slowly, but once she catches on, she's got it. (Important to know when the first grade teacher is frustrated because the kid won't learn to read, you know.)

Lots to do: dinners to make and freeze this week, bread to bake and freeze, relax, a crit to work on...

Time for those donuts.

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