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Today has been a gonzocrazywacko kind of day.


Avadore painted himself (as well as some things outside...), While trying to clean Avadore of his paint, the shower clogged, I read several things that made me almost cry because I'm a mother now and mothers cry at stories about children dying or being really sick and so one and so forth, an inmate from the Madison County Jail kept calling us collect because evidently he knew some people who had our phone number (which we acquired in September of 1999), I made a bunch of Indian food, and I started reading Perdido Street Station.

That's right -- I've never read it before. But then again, no one around here has. I had to IL the book. Once I got the book I looked at the pic of China Mielville on the cover. Yup -- he's pretty hot. And then I read the first three pages. And I started to cry again (maybe it's hormones, but maybe not). It's beautiful. Just gorgeous prose. Man, if I could write like that someday. Jeez. And there was a blurb from Jonathan Carroll. Can you imagine have Jonathan Carroll not only reading your book but saying such beautiful and wonderful things about it as Carroll said of Mieville's? (Sigh...). In my dreams :).

Let's hope the rest of the day mellows out. And let's hope if I have another child that it's a girl who isn't wild and crazy like Avadore.

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