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Though we've had some false starts, it looks like summer may be here now. Maybe. Knock on wood. Cross fingers. Throw salt over shoulder. Wait...

After going to the store and getting my prescription, I took Avadore and LD to the park. We have a lot of parks in this town, which probably isn't unusual for a town of this size, but it's still pretty cool. I think we could find a new park once a week and have a new park all summer. They may not all have toys, but they'd all have trees and grass.

The one we went to today is huge and quiet. We were the only ones there. The toys and things were a little old, but they were in good repair and there was a merry-go-round and other things I haven't seen at most parks for a long time. We had a blast. (A term from my childhood... :)). We ran and laughed and jumped and went on slides and swings and the merry-go-round and tires and this other thing I don't know the name for. There's two gigantic sized pieces of wood, like rail-road tie sized. They're attached in the middle like a plus sign. The middle portions are on huge, thick springs. On each end of the pieces of wood are metal saddles and a place for feet. So, in the end, it's sort of like a bucking bronco for the little guys.

At the far end of the park, away from us, looked to be a bridge. The entry way was composed of huge, metal pieces that rose so high in the air... The rest of it looked like it was surrounded by trees. We'll have to go back soon and bring the stroller for LD so we can go exploring.

We came home, ate lunch, and then Avadore and I read his new favorite book (ABC T-Rex). He keeps having me sing the alphabet song to him and pointing out the letters. Today he also wanted me to make up songs for each of the pages where a new letter appears.

FYI -- My song writing skills are lacking.

Kids are fun. You should try one if you haven't. (Not necessarily having your own; borrowing one works just as well and sometimes better -- you can give them back :)).

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