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family lasagne

Yesterday I went up north to attend some family functions. (Rice's side of the family.)

Many excuses made for Rice's perpetual absence.

It all started with a huge meal of salad, veggies, garlic bread, melons, grapes and the special family lasagne, which, since a few dozen people were being fed was provided by Stouffers :). I, of course, missed out on the bread and lasagne and brownies and ice cream sandwiches and other lovely things. My MIL assured me all the glutenated items tasted like crap.

Of course, imagine the body one gets if they only eat salad and fruit and veggies when attending such functions... :).

It was great to see the family. I love these people so much; they're all neat and wonderful. I wish we could see them more often. It sucks when so many neat people decide to live so far away...

Today is working on a novella I wrote last year. I'm going to add probably at least about 15 pages to it. I will also get some of the Paper Doll novel worked on.

Oh yeah, and I'll also do motherly, wifely and homemaker duties. The grocery store calls. Rice wants his Fruity Dinobites (a cereal he can actually eat... imagine...).

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