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-- Lon Prater
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It's the weekend. Finally. But it doesn't feel like it. Other than being Mom and Wife and Primary Housekeeper this morning, I've revised a story and sent it off. It's pretty long (7,400 words, though it used to be about 12,000) and probably still needs work, but what the hey, huh? Might as well. I seem to be on a roll as it is.

I have one more story that may need a little work, but it's probably ready to send out, as well.

I remember thinking about my new year writing goals and thinking I'd have the goal of having so many rejections this year. I thought that would motivate me to send things out without the worry of what do I do when they're not accepted. But then a very lovely person suggested I be positive and make a goal of how many acceptances I'd get this year. 1,000 seemed a little excessive, particularly when considering that I don't have near 1,000 things to submit, so I chose three. That three has been weighing on me :). At the first of the year I didn't pressure myself to submit because I had, you know, like 10 or 11 or 12 months to send something out, right? Well, now it's June and I've got 6 months for that goal I made.

Ah well. I still think it's a good goal. And maybe the universe will be kind and smile on me :).

I also made the goal of writing the equivalent of 9 short stories this year. So far I've completed one flash and one short story. I've worked a bit on another couple of stories and have been working on a novel. We'll see where we are in terms of nine stories when December rolls around, eh?

It's a cloudy day here. A good day to work on writing stuff. Tomorrow is family stuff up north with the aunts and uncles and cousins. Rice has too much stuff to deal with here so the kids and I will make the representative appearance.

Have a good weekend y'all. Breath in some fresh air, eat something tasty, kiss someone you love and enjoy the great life you have. Do something that brings you joy.

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