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the dinosaur chick revisited

Tonight after a lovely dinner of garlic lime chicken, rice and fruit we went for a fabulous walk (we have some great paths around here -- just gorgeous) across isolated bridges and by the river and around the greenway and then played in one of our favorite parks.

While we were there, a woman approached me and asked where she knew me from. I went through the usual speal (this happens a lot). Usually I start with the university since I either was in school, worked or taught there for a very long time, indeed.

So, of course, I mention being in anthropology (which is essentially the study of people in all times and places) at which point this women starts getting exciting, wanting to know why They're (the scientists, you know) cloning a T-Rex. What's the point? Where will they keep it? What if they get eaten, etc. All I could say is, "I don't know." I knew it was being done, but see, I'm not a paleontologist and haven't followed the story that closely. (Though I could posit an explanation, but chose not to.)

On the way home, Rice commented that it must have been a nostalgic conversation, sort of like old times -- it's been a log time since someone thought I was the dinosaur chick. (I suppose that's a comment that requires some explanation, but we're going to watch a movie now, so that will happen another day.)

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