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book drive for katrina survivors

It looks like tens of thousands of people have been displaced as a result of Katrina. It also looks like approximately 40,000 people may be housed at the Astrodome in Houston, and they could be there for a while.

Non-profit organizations like the American Red Cross and religious organizations are doing what they can to help with the needs of the people who have been affected. We can help by donating money and blood, but what else can we do?

Since this morning, I've been thinking about the people who are suffering and what other things could be done to help alleviate their suffering, if only for a little while. I started thinking about what I do to escape for a couple hours when life is rocky? I read, I watch a movie, Rice plays video games.

Lots of ideas have run around in my head, many big ideas, but I've had one that might actually be possible. What if there was a way to start a book drive? Via the internet, particularly on-line communities, (and other means of communication), I don't know that it would be hard to get a good amount of people to donate some books. (One of my online writing groups just collected at least $2,000 from members for a new server.) Many of us probably have at least one book roaming around we're not planning on reading again.

But then comes the questions of how to collect them and transport them to places like the Astrodome ... There's got to be a way. Whether everyone just mails them to the Astrodome (which probably isn't the best idea :)), or finds a group or business (or groups/businesses) who are willing to collect them in Houston and transport them, this must be possible if enough of the right people care.

Maybe Halliburton wants to improve their image ;).

Any ideas?

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