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book drive for katrina, part 2

As I mentioned in the comments to my previous post, I've e-mailed some appropriate organizations in Houston concerning a book drive/school supply drive. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

I also spoke to J-Spot...

J-Spot used to work at one of the local Wal-Marts.

Wal-Mart is at the number one position on the Fortune 500. (No big surprise here.) They've also just donated one-million dollars for Hurricane Katrina relief.

J-Spot also answered some questions concerning some other Wal-Mart options.

Each Wal-Mart has a person in charge of community involvement, as well as a Community Involvement board. (Some of these may not be the absolute correct terms.) Any community citizen can go in to their local Wal-Mart (or call) and make an appointment with their Wal-Mart community involvement director and pitch their "charity".

In this case, one could go in and say, "I'd like to put together a book drive or a school supply drive for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. How can you help?" AIR, one may also have to fill out a request form.

And the Wal-Mart employee will probably say, "I need to talk to the board about it." And then they may say, "Sorry", or they may say, "We'll give you some money," or they may say, "Sure, people can come in and donate some books or supplies in these nice boxes at the front of the stores, and we'll accept monatary donations, too, and get them to those in need."

Pretty much everyone lives in a town that has a Wal-Mart. No matter if you agree with their politics or not, if you're willing to put in a little time and effort, it's an option.

As Rice often says, asking's free.

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