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-- Lon Prater
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I've been reading Nick Mamatas' LJ again. (Yes, yes. Bad habit, I know.)

Recently, he discussed being interesting. Now I don't know that I always completely agree with Nick and the comments over at his LJ, but it has got me thinking...

First of all, my disclaimer: I am not that interesting of a person, and what I write isn't necessarily that interesting.

HOWEVER, when I'm writing a story, or a novel, and not even I care what happens, if I'm bored with the story and characters, that should be a clue that *something* needs revamping, something needs to happen. BUT, when I'm writing a story and I'm jazzed and I can't wait to see what happens next or how something happens when I know what I've planned, then that's good, right? Either that or I may just be full of myself :).

So perhaps it's a question to ask oneself when evaluating a story, after checking to make sure that the grammar is clean and the spelling is good and all the technical aspects of the story is in place. Is this story interesting? Are the characters interesting? If not, what are the interesting aspects of the story and how can I bring those to the forefront of the story and make it something that is pleasurable to read.


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