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-- Lon Prater
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afternoon off

Today I am feeling positively crummy.

I woke up at 6, feeling awful. It has gotten better as the day has progressed, thankfully.

I had things to do today. Lots of things. But I have decided to cancel on all obligations, except for one book delivery just down the hill, and take the afternoon off.

The boys and I will eat crustless vegetarian quiche, I will imbibe great amounts of cherry black tea, I will read and watch movies and play with the kids.

I will not feel bad for not doing the lunch dishes right away, or for not dusting the living room (today is Thursday -- living room cleaning day), or for not working with Avadore to pick up the toys he and LD have left on the living room floor.

I may try to figure out how to stop the aching that is radiating from my wrists to my neck to my shoulders, down my back, to my hips. I may take some Motrin. If that's too much work, I may take a nap.

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