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seven thing meme

Ah, I have been tagged.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die

-- Give/teach my family everything I can so they can create the best lives for themselves, the lives they want;
-- Laugh a lot;
-- Be with some wonderful friends as much as I can;
-- Travel to the places I have always wanted to go;
-- Become the best ethical, moral, compassionate, honest, loving, good person I can;
-- Find that emotional/intellectual connect;
-- Write some really nice stories.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

How about Seven Things I Really Don't Want to Do (I have let someone slice me wide open while conscious and pull out babies -- I can do anything)

-- Knowingly hurt someone else significantly ("No, you don't get dessert tonight," doesn't count :)),
-- Live without music,
-- Not write,
-- Live without animals,
-- Live without exciting things to eat,
-- Live without love in a relationship,
-- Live without books.

Seven Things That Attract Me To a Mate

-- Intelligence
-- Humor
-- Shoulders
-- Warmth and kindness
-- Lust for life
-- A certain sort of geekiness
-- Emotional connection

Seven Things I Say

-- Like,
-- 1... 2... 3... Go to the corner,
-- You're a good boy,
-- Remarkable
-- Oh, good great
-- Wacky (Thanks for this one, TheFloridian),
-- And that one one thing...,

Seven Books I Love

Only Seven???

-- The Hollow Man,
-- The Time Traveler's Wife,
-- A Fine and Private Place,
-- American Gods/Neverwhere,
-- A Separate Peace,
-- Great Expectations,
-- Deathbird Stories

Seven Movies I Love

What is this with choosing only seven? :)

-- Tim Burton (see? I can be sneaky...),
-- Red,
-- Donnie Darko,
-- Miyazaki,
-- Blade Runner,
-- Harold and Maude,
-- Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

Seven CDs I'd Take On an Island

-- Tori (Hah -- you had to ask!)
-- Bob Dylan
-- The Beatles
-- Tool
-- Pink Floyd
-- Debussy
-- Lovedrug

This seven thing sucks. Seven is a really limiting number ;).

Tag Seven

J-Spot, K-Spot, Rice (even though I know he won't do it), Gwen, Akanthos, Psycho, and TheFloridian (even though you didn't say yes or no :)).

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