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the three p's

The three P's stand for pepperoni, pineapple and pizza.

It's my favorite. And Avadore likes it, too.

On Sunday Avadore asked if we could have pizza, and I promised we would sometime this week. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and bought stuff to make pizza. I told him tonight we'd make pizza, so we did. (That's the thing about four-year-olds -- they make you keep your promises ;).)

So we made our gluten-free pineapple and pepperoni pizza. Avadore observed that the pizza looked like an "O". "Oh, Mommy -- you made a o! Give me hug!" I pointed out the pizza was also shaped like a circle.

During the pizza making process (because Avadore is heavily involved with this whole thing), everytime we finished a stage, or what seemed to be a stage, Avadore would yell, "Give me a hug!" So I would. It took twice as long to make the pizza than it would have without all the hugs, but I am honestly not complaining. Someday, like Reenie's son, Avadore will be 21 and won't be standing by me making pizza on any old night, yelling, "Give me a hug" everytime I finish grating the cheese or open the can of pineapple.

I am not going to cry.

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