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We had a good weekend with the kids. Avadore is really growing up, and he's such a good, sweet kid. LD will be a year old on Sunday, and he's still as adorable as ever. Though he has big brown eyes, vs. his brother's big blue-hazel eyes, and lots of dark hair, vs. his brother's blonde hair, they're looking more and more alike.

Usually there's an Easter egg hunt at the local neighborhood park up here on the hill, but for the past couple of years, the people in charge have had other obligations, so there hasn't been one. They do an excellent job when they hold it, however. Easter egg hunts have the tendency to be overrun with hundreds of wild children who take all the eggs and leave some kids eggless. Up here, they have several sections for specific ages, with the difficulty age appropriate. It's insured everyone gets lots of eggs. There's also lots and lots of prizes. And it's a lot less crowded.

In any event, there were lots of egg hunts to choose from, but not as well put together as our local one, so we had one at home for the boys. The weather was horrible, so I took a bunch of wrapped up jelly beans and little chocolate bunnies and some eggs, the cards and gifts the boys received in the mail for the holiday, and hid them in the living room. Avadore and LD had a good time I think, and kept finding jelly beans after I thought they'd all been discovered.

Rice and I were very happy with this arrangement -- the kids felt good about finding their treats, they had fun, Avadore helped LD, it lasted quite a while, vs. the potential forty seconds, and we didn't have to travel anywhere or go out in the rain. Also, I hid Rice and I a chocolate egg, which wouldn't have happened otherwise :).

After the egg hunt, I started dinner (which was going to take a while to cook) and we all went to the carnival. Avadore rode lots of rides, I went on a couple with him, and his dad took him into the mirror maze. We all had a really fun time. I think the best part for Rice, LD and I was watching Avadore have such a good time.

We had dinner, and then we tried to fly Avadore's kite. We had moderate success, particularly since none of us have flown a kite since the late 80's and Madonna was still the Material Girl and Michael Jackson was a wee bit less weird.

Sadly, Avadore's face AGAIN met the pavement, and he got all scraped up. We took him inside, cleaned him up, and he and I sat in a chair where I started to read to him when he fell asleep. We put him to bed.

The next day we went north to see the grandparent's where more Easter fun ensued. There were deviled eggs involved. How can this not be a good day?

For a couple of years, it was hard taking Avadore anywhere -- he'd run away and around and climb like a mad fiend, but as he ages and mellows he's becoming really fun to go do things with. Recently I took him to the video store where we used a gift certificate to rent a couple movies, like Dumbo. He was really, really good. And he really liked the movie.

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