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-- Lon Prater
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Thou Shalt Not... is going to press in May!

I returned my corrections from the galley's last night, as well as my brief biography. It was so exciting to see my story in a format and print so that it looked like a real story. Squee!

Been studying, playing with the kids and writing a lot lately. I've written three pages so far today. It shouldn't be hard to get another two in. I'm learning to be less and less afraid with my first drafts. I'm learning the importance and use of rewriting and editing and that the first draft really doesn't matter at all. If it doesn't work later, I can fix it. It's all good. It's not life and death. Have fun with and let the story go, let the subconscious and my right brain go -- we'll work with the left brain later.

I hope I can remember that.

I am also determined to not think about the embodiment of anthropology anymore. I was starting to have conversations with him in my head, but it wasn't about anthropology, per se. It was about stuff I was reading and writing and the usual everyday sorts of things. I was right -- I so could have loved him.

How are all of you doing?

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