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happy monday!

From the the local paper's front page. I'm guessing it was a quiet weekend.


We had a good weekend. LD is now one. Suddenly I have a toddler and not a baby, though I don't think he's been much of a baby for a couple months now.

Last night when I said goodnight to LD I told him I loved him. He said, "Love Mom". I swear. Rice and I both heard it.


I am all about this preschool thing. Last week was a really rough week, and Saturday night was terrible. I feel not at all guilty about having an early morning nap for a bit after Avadore went to school. Then LD and I got up and accomplished some stuff. We also nibbled a bit on some of my birthday chocolate. That's some fine chocolate. And we played. LD teased me. We both giggled. A lot. What a cute little kid. I mean really, he's adorable.

At school, Avadore's been studying the sea and sea creatures. Today he came home with a treasure map, a bag o' loot with a penny, nickle, gold coins, compass, red stone, and other sneefty things, and a spy glass. I could so go to this school.

Yo ho ho!

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