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-- Lon Prater
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Been sick for a while. Much better now.

Rice seems to be occasionally posting again. (There's also an entry for April.)

From the front page of the local paper. Please don't close the taco bus, Larry!

Not much else to report. Well, actually a lot to report to the point of being overwhelming.

The concert was fine. Someone really needed to do something about the bass, however.

Caught a pretty nasty virus. Rice, the J-Spot and K-Spot, and the FIL took care of the kids so I could rest. This was an amazing help. There's no way I would have been up and around as soon as I was without them. There was no way I could have taken care of the kids.

Watched the 2006 version of Pride and Prejudice. In some ways, like the set up, I thought it lacked. However, the cinematography, scenery and small touches were incredible. By small touches I mean showing the small bodily reactions people had to others to let us know what people really felt. Also, there were a few things done with Mr. Bennett that really expanded his character a bit, which were lovely. I loved the first party scene, where people were filmed connecting, coming and going, which showed what different people were doing during the evening so that it was more connected and a whole picture of the Bennett family and Mr. Darcy & Co. vs. just a focus on Elizabeth and Darcy. Finally, I appreciated how many of the characters were rounded out. E.g. Mrs. Bennett isn't just an odd, funny, nutty woman -- her motivations felt to be fleshed out more.

Watch it on a big screen TV. Really, it's beautiful to watch. I may still prefer the BBC miniseries, but this was truly enjoyable.

Not much else to report here, except that a story I have out at a certain market has survived the second round of culling, which is A Very Nice Thing, particularly considering the company it's in.

Also, been having weird dreams lately. Been dreaming about lots of people who have died in the past year, as well as a kid I don't have, which may be the basis for an upcoming short story. And in the same dream I dream about Mr. Anthropology again. We were being, uh, a bit intimate and he was talking about having children with me. That's right -- I'm screwing anthropology. (Except we weren't exactly screwing in the dream -- I was totally dressed and he was, uh, not. Can I say how hot anthropology is?) If I still had the fever it would be understandable, but the fever has been gone for a few days now.

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