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day off

Yesterday I took a day off, essentially. I spent most of the day reading The Shell Seekers because, well, it's so British and lovely and talks about cooking and gardening and having a family and wonderful friends and other such things. It's a comfort novel, and one I haven't read for a long time.

I did get a few things done. I took care of the kids. Fed the family. Cleaned up the yard a bit. Worked with the dog. Made souvlaki for dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen. The usual mundane things.

But overall, taking a bit of a breather felt good. I'm tempted to do it again today, though there are things around here that need to be done and I promised I'd babysit tonight.


Avi and I are having one of those, "I want to watch TV" vs. "You need to go play outside" sort of discussions. His initial response? "I played outside at school". Of course you did. Go get some more sun, kid. I may join you.


I haven't gotten a lot of writing done lately. I think I've caught myself up an dit's causing problems. AND I've been up to my arms doing other things. It's gotten so bad even Rice is on me, "You written lately?" :D. But I really want to and feel like getting some writing done, so I will do that today in addition to some of the other important things that need to be accomplished.

I should be able to get a lot done. After Avadore left for school I accidentally fell asleep twice. The last time I woke up just in time to straighten my hair and get him off the bus. And I had the oddest dreams, but they've resulted in me really missing Akanthos, not that this is an unusual thing. In any event, the extra sleep may have been exactly what I needed to rev myself into a place to get stuff done.

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