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praise the dew

My father is 62 today. Two more years and he's a senior citizen.

He's been getting some of the bennies for over fifteen years now, however. His hair went gray/white fairly early, and frequently we would go places and he would be asked if he'd like the senior citizen discount (hotels, etc.) and he's say that why yes, how nice, he certainly would.

Certainly something to look forward to.

For several varied reasons I only got a few hours sleep last night. Rice also did not rest well. And we're traveling for a little bit today to go see my father for his birthday. (Not a very terribly long drive.) We called the K-Spot and the J-Spot (who are also going) to see if they wanted to split couples and drive down. They didn't sleep so hot either, though the K-Spot did evidently have a successful morning nap, as did I. It looks like the girls may be driving down. Maybe the guys can nap there and drive us home.

I am drinking the Dew. Lots and lots o' the Dew*. I wouldn't miss seeing my family for anything.

I wish I could blog the day on the Dew so you can watch my crumbling psyche, but I'm afraid I won't really have 'net access.

Here's to the Dew. All praise the mighty Dew.

In writing news, I did ten crits over at Critters yesterday. And I didn't do just the wee stories either -- one was 14,000 words, and was quite a good story. All in all, it was interesting critting day. Mostly some interesting stuff. Sometimes the stories are pretty bad (and that's okay -- goodness knows I've written the pretty lame stories myself -- we all have to get out our million bad words or whatever), so it's a pleasure when there's stories where the writing mechanics are good, or there's a good story idea that's fairly creative, or when the story mostly comes together quite well. And when there's stories that give me a chuckle or a laugh? Wonderful! When I feel the author was mostly successful in writing an initial story, before editing/rewriting? Fantastic! And there were a few yesterday that I would call successful. Also, it feels good to me when I can look at a story and see it's flaws and I know how to fix it. It means I'm improving, and that's such a good feeling.

Note to self: LD digs the pop/rock and roll. NPR? Not so much. Also, he likes to dance. But then Avadore was the same way. They love to dance.

*Of course, if I thought we were too tired and wouldn't be able to make it there safely we wouldn't go at all. Just a little disclaimer.

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