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-- Lon Prater
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home again

Yes, indeed we made it home. We had a nice time with my family and all is well.

Except that LD is sick. He has a fever of not quite 102 tonight. We will definitely be staying in tomorrow for our anniversary celebration. That's why we have that big ol' TV and good sound system and comfy couches in the basement, however. We'll watch some movies, we'll see if the pizza place at the bottom of the hill (who has new owners) will make us a gluten-free pizza like the previous owners a few years ago agreed to. We'll have a nice time and take care of the kids.

And then maybe we can really do it up another time :). Superman is coming out soon. I can't wait. That would be a good thing to do, and there's this Baja/Mexican - something grill up north I wouldn't mind trying.

Note to self: It's very important, as a writer when receiving feedback to solicited critiques, to take them and not write the critiquer back with emails on how their critiques don't apply to you because you're not rewriting this story anyway, or even though everyone says the story doesn't have a plot we're all wrong because you're being creative. I will try to remember not to do these things.

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