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'n that one thing

Here's an entry on the so-called Stoned Prof.

Alrighty then. I know, I know. Don't I have anything better to do than watch a management class online? Evidently not.

But this is the thing. (And why I finished watching it beyond just the first few minutes.) The prof isn't your usual run of the mill guy. And maybe not your usual run of the mill prof. But he's not that wacky, and he wasn't behaving that stoned. I have had professors that were a lot more bizarre in their behavior consistently, and profs that did come to class totally baked out of their gords. I had professors talk about the strangest things, in terms of what normal society finds polite to discuss. You wouldn't believe some of the stories I could tell you. If this particular guy in question did get fired over this presentation then I feel really bad for the guy; it wasn't that unusual of a lecture class, based on my experience. And yes, it may seem as if he's meandering and is lost, but the man is illustrating an important and essential point in his lecture.

And maybe I'm biased because I graduated from the Bigfoot school. (But one of the people I would tell you about graduated the year before I was his TA from Seattle and has gone on to a bigger and better university.)

Anyway, the whole thing kind of bums me out. Oh well.


BTW, Apex Digest is SAVED! Several thousand dollars have been collected -- enough to pay the publisher debt and to do some cool things with the 'zine, like raise pay rates and save for a rainy day.


So the girl who was murdered last weekend... Her funeral was today. I suspect there was a huge showing. And two of her classmates were arrested on Wednesday and have been charged with premeditated murder and Murder 1.

I know this sort of story isn't unusual for the rest of the world, but it is for us.


A friend of mine that I've known for a decade now called this afternoon to let me know she's coming into town (I haven't seen her for maybe a year now). We'll all (Rice, the J-Spot, the kids, my friend and her boyfriend, and I) be going out in about an hour to grab a bit to eat. It's a bit late for the kids, but she adores the little guys. Besides, Rice and I (and probably the J-Spot) haven't gotten around to dinner yet tonight. So a light supper and some visiting are in the future.


Rice and I went to a late showing of Pirates of the Caribbean last night. (We got home about 1 a.m. Woo!) It was certainly enjoyable, but it was a little light on the story, character interaction and development (in general), and really had a heck of a cliffhanger. Rice commented on its lack of plot. I pointed out it certainly had plot, but, again, it was light on story. And then I had to try to explain what I meant by that, which is sort of a hard thing to do, you know? (Especially when one has been up for 20 hours.) And I don't speak well anyway.

Happy weekend all!

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