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strange education

Well, evidently I went to a really weird school.

No, this shouldn't be a surprise.

More on the "stoned professor".

You mean his lecture wasn't normal for academia? I should ask for my tuition back...

For a while I thought I was getting a decent education.


Okay, really now. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I graduated from a school who is full of professors who teach in a particular way that would evidently get them removed from teaching (even temporarily) if they were at another university.

Where I attended, if staff broke federal laws they were moved to other parts of the university. I went to a school that is now famous for Bigfoot. A school where if a professor had a pattern of sexually harassing students nothing would be done to the professor -- the dean of the college would tell the prof to cool it for a bit until things fizzled down.

I may very well be feeling just a wee bit pissed off.

But that's not new -- I've felt a certain amount of animosity towards this institution since 2001 (or so) anyway.

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