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has anyone else ever...

When I was young, from my earliest memories until about 1993, I could close my eyes and watch movies in my head. The movies went away in 1993. I don't know why. And no, they weren't talkies.

Has anyone else ever done this?

Also, yesterday, after my evening "nap", I got up and my hair was straight and flat. I was worried something had happened to my hair (I don't know what, maybe aliens zapped it while I was asleep), so I got up, went into one of the bathrooms, and started spraying my hair down with a water spray bottle.

"Hmm...,"I said to myself, "that's a funny scent." Spray, spray, spray. "It smells like the kitchen." Spray, spray, spray. "Kind of like 409." Spray, spray, spray. (I have a lot of hair.) And then I looked in my hand, and sure enough, I was dousing my hair with 409.

Did I mention I was tired?

I have got to get more sleep.


Enough of the Maggie Confession Show, tune in next time when she relates how her visit up north went.


Happy weekend everyone.

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