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spark electric grandmother
arc against the night

-- Lon Prater
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My Clarion West classmate, Christopher Reynaga and I just sold a short story.

We wrote it on the first, reviewed the story, and sent it off about 12:30 a.m. on the 2nd. Talk about flying by the seats of our pants.

The editor wrote back yesterday morning, asking us to make a few simple additions. So, we'll work on those this weekend, and send the story back.

It's for a YA anthology by an editor/author I have tons of respect for, and have for years.

Due to live events over the past years, writing and submitting has been difficult. I've kept writing, though, even though it was only 250 to 300 words a day for years at a time. However, there's been little revision and almost no submissions.

It seems like there's an end to this drought. And it feels wonderful.

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