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writing, but a few thoughts on my love for the small presses

The editor for the short story I collaborated on seems quite happy with it. He's recently commented on how he loves the characters. He's also asked my writing partner and I to put together a proposal for a short YA novel. He helps with acquisitions for a good small press.

It's not guaranteed, but it's great practice and a nice compliment.

So, I have lots of writing projects I'm working on, which is wonderful. None of them pay a ton, but they're more satisfying than many of the things I've done. And they do help pay the light bill and rent.

Also, all the projects I've been doing have been for small presses and indy publishers. They don't have the "deep" pocketbooks the big guys have, but they more than make up for this in how they treat their authors, especially these days.

I've always loved working with small presses and indy publishers, but I suspect it will be something I'll definitely focus on. Publishing with the big guys is becoming more and more of a difficult business, and their once deep pockets are emptying out. *

It makes it even more worth it to focus on the little guys with drive, vision and guts.

Speaking of the small press, many year's best lists are appearing online. You may have noticed that many of the listed books have come from small presses, at least in the SFF world. Publishers like Small Beer and Subterranean, two publishers who consistently put out fantastic books.


This is not to say some authors aren't doing well, even some new authors. I have a friend who sold her paranormal romance trilogy to a major publisher for a very nice price about a year ago. So far she's super happy. :)

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