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I have a mug of chai and a "challah knot" from my neighborhood bakery.

I am going to spend the next hour writing this entry and working on a story. (Then it's back to working on work, but it will at least be a gesture toward Shabbat.)

As I told another friend earlier today, I have no compunction about ditching inept vendors because I'm myself pro-capitalist and corporate. [I will grant that LJ really does appear to be trying - I am impressed that the EFF got mentioned in today's news update - but I also think making this move was the right one for me personally.] There's been a lot of discussion this week about what constitutes "reasonable expectations of service," which has reminded me how lucky I am to have terrific shops and suppliers in my life. Today, my stops included:

  • Sweet 16th, my neighborhood bakery. Dan and Ellen sell the best, lightest scones I've ever tasted. The days they have wild mushroom quiche are glorious days indeed. Their "mamarangues" (chocolate toffee merengues) are legendary in the 'hood. The chocolate cake I picked up for a birthday gathering drew raves. ...And I'm so glad they started selling soup last year, since that happens to fit in better with my diet than the sweets. (I do enjoy being a grownup most of the time, but the metabolic slowdowns, not so much...)

  • The Green Hills Kroger. It has a better selection than the others, they've a fantastic new pharmacist on staff, and one of my best cashiers (both friendly and efficient -- she's one of the few people on earth who can call me "baby doll" without raising my hackles).

  • LJ has not been allowing me to update, edit, or comment from the office, which would be way more maddening if I hadn't already decided to leave, and if I hadn't been planning to cut back anyway. As it is, I'm going to choose to view it as the universe's reminder that those five-minute coffee breaks do tend to stretch when I get on an escribitionist roll... *sheepish*

    I've been able to delegate a fair amount of work to one of my new colleagues, and he's thrilled about taking over an event I wasn't going to have time to organize this year. I'll still be clocking in 50-hour weeks for the foreseeable future, but his presence means I can focus on the tasks no one else has the subject matter expertise to handle, as opposed to, say, entry-level QA (which normally I don't mind handling, but not on top of drafting complex 250-page courseware scripts on very tight deadlines).

    Picked up Star Wars stamps yesterday. Hee!

    Rhymes for Adults, which includes a sonnet of mine, received a nice review in The Barefoot Muse.

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