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I'm a little grouchy at the moment, as I'm only now finishing supper and I've got to stay up to letter some certificates. (As with everything else these days, it's not the task that's the problem, it's the pile-up.)

But, blessings --

* Lovey-dovey doggie. The man's not bad, either.

* Dave Luckett's marvelous sonnet on authorial rights (in the midst of an (in)tense discussion on intellectual ownership vs. feelings with some very provocative points).

* Fresh zucchini. Fresh garlic scapes. Oh, I love summer.

* Battery power. (Worked through two power outages this afternoon.)

* Pretty thunderstorm. And working instead of driving through it.

* Original plan to log in 8-10 hours on QA derailed by assorted issues, including a headache and a major technical boondoggle. Since I was at the office anyway, I ended up whacking through another big honking mess that I can now finally strike off my B-list. [/stubborn]

* Got to chat with my favorite librarian for a bit when I picked up my holds. She has the Deathly Hallows cover on her desktop.

* Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman singing The Last Will Be First. (The video's rather freaky, but I love the song.)

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