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2004: Goals for the New Year

At the start of another year, here's what I want to accomplish in 2004. Bring on the New Year!!!

Revise and submit my novels The Last of the Hand, The Wannoshay Cycle, and Heart's Revenge
I'm already hard at work at this one, and Hand is close to being sent out, maybe within a week or 2!

Start work on a new novel
I want to try something brand new after I'm done revising the other novels, and I have lots of ideas on how to do it. Namely, I want to try writing a novel the way Stephen King talked about in his book about writing -- no outlines, just putting characters in a tension-filled situation and seeing what happens. Sounds like fun.

Get in shape!
Morning workouts, weekend hikes, and watching what I eat. Sounds simple, but man, the execution is a bitch!

Get a job where I can excel and not get bored
This is important -- I'm tired of being bored and uninspired at my Day Job. I need a challenge. I also plan on surfing and goofing off on the Net a whole lot LESS, and probably won't be writing in this journal nearly as much as in the past.

Write six new short stories
Sounds easy enough, right? The focus is on novels, but I want to do some stories in between revising and drafting 'em.

Research two new novels
I've got two historical novels to research here, ideas I've had for way too long, but I haven't felt ready to tackle until this coming year.

Write a screenplay or a comic script, or both
I've got 2-3 ideas for both, and think it'd be a fun challenge to try a different format for story-telling.

Get an agent or book deal, or both
All that revising of the novels will pay off, I know it will.

Learn to play guitar
Lessons start the second week of January, and I've already started learning some basic notes!!!

Focus on not stressing about life in general.

Happy New Year, everyone!!! What are your goals???

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