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Email Problems

Argh -- it looks like my "mjasper at" email address is acting up again! Dang it. I'm really not ignoring you, nor am I sending you viruses. Honest!

If you sent something to me and it bounced, could you send it to my address instead? I don't care how much spam I get there... Or you could leave me a note on my comments section.

Still working on finalizing some Day Job stuff, but it looks like I'll be starting a new job on Monday. But with the way my luck's been running lately, I don't want to say anymore and jinx anything!

In the fiction world, I'm working on the final touches to The Last of the Hand and getting ready to send it out again soon (pending feedback on my brave group of critiquers reading the opening chapters). We'll see what happens.

Oh, and John Kessel just sent me his introduction he wrote for my short story collection, and I'm quite happy. Very cool stuff.

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